Lucky me

I was one drink away from leaving my bike in town last night. Glad I stuck with the cola.

Can anyone guess which bike I was parked beside yesterday?


PHEW! That is a close call!  Glad you are a cola drinker now hey!

Wow. Talk about controlling your drinking. Where did this happen?

Argyle Square, across the road from Kings Cross station.

You lucky bugger!

I was parked beside the massive chariot with the melted face. My bike would not have faired too well.

Lucky escape indeed… any idea what happened? 

Wow lucky!!

No but there was a note on the back of the scooter saying the police were aware and a incident number.

That’s really lucky mate. Doesn’t look like an accident. 

Apparently when they can’t steal it they set it on fire. Heard it before. Good for you.

Bloody hell.