Lucky Lad

My mate obliterated his CBR600RR this morning, all I know sofar is the bike is in peices and he was thrown clear… not sure on the exact details as I got a general text with the finishing line “going to pass out for a bit now, call you later”,ha…

Just incase anyone saw it, black CBR600RR, black powder coated frame, double bubble, etc… he is fine apart from the usual scrapes. :smiley:

Just an update from a text received, suprise sur-ruddy-prise… a CAR pulled out of a turning without seeing my mate and he went into the side of it… got thrown 10 meters down the road, the front of the bike is obliterated. This all happened in Welling.

:pinch: Really sorry to hear that. Hope he is ok and not to bashed about. He will be gutted about his bike I hope he has good insurance cover. Sounds like he had a very lucky escape.

Wow he really is lucky. Will car drivers never learn to LOOK, what an idiot. At least he is ok. Keep us posted on how he is, he may be a bit bruised tomorrow.

yup its a common one! hope he’s ok!

Sorry to hear of that. The problem is that car drivers with the best will in the world sometimes just won’t see a bike - the brain filters out the information. The trick is to do a weave as explained here:

yep very common brings back memories for me!!! w00t

heres my story!!!



i miss that gixxa you had :crying: twas a beauty!!:w00t:

breaker just read yours what was the outcome on that.

I had similar on my car, was a convertable and 2 weeks before being written off if replaced the roof, and argued that I had paid and not got the use out of it (the roof amongst other things) but in the end they paid up for all the other bits and bobs as well

Sorry to hear this, glad he’s ok though!

i ended up getting paid out for the bike i paid £3800 for it but got £4500:D so all wasn’t that bad!!
i still got a personal injury claim going on now!!
i cant believe how long things take!!

anyway enough about me!!

hope your mate is all good!

Was this on Upper Tooting Road? If it was then your mate was one lucky guy, that looked a mess. Motionless rider laying in the road with police & paramedics all round him is one sobering sight.

Sorry to hear what happened and im glad hes alright.

I saw the aftermath of the Tooting incident - the rider had already been removed - the car and bike were probably both write offs. In that case a small white can had pulled across the path of the bike, but it looked that the bike had been overtaking at speed at a crossroads on a bend.

This is his obliterated bike!.. it was only a couple months ago he was moaning about a crack in his front mud guard!. He’s looking at getting himself an 08 fireblade now :smiley:

An interesting read: this is something I try to do, move across the road or weave as you approach a car driver waiting to pull out. Not sure if I agree about the escape route idea though, this could take you straight into the path of oncoming traffic.

Lucky lad, glad hes ok hope his bruises heal up quick smart.