Lucky F*ckas

Escaped with just rash and busted bikes

…but when they stay onboard (who says American roads are all straight)

the guy on the scooter got it all wrong :smiley:

Yeah, starting from the moment he got up & thought, it looks nice out, think I’ll wear my espadrilles today… :hehe:

Ayup, exactly!

What was that find 'fro… some kinda bike day on Mulholland, or is that like their version of the Cat an Fiddle, cos its the only curved road in Cally :hehe:

I must admit, i did watch that scooter guy a few times! I like the way his Jelly Shoe goes over the edge… :smiley:

But the rest! Man, im going to remember how totally embarrassing this looks next time i think I’m Barry Sheen :smiley:

That poor CBR :frowning:

The CBR’s brake light flashes before he lost the rear :pinch:

The bike looked very nice before.

Think thats just the rear light with an LED mod.

Poor riding position and on the throttle too early is my guess - gutted!

Quite educational thanks…

Thought at first the CBR had locked up the rear under braking but since the skid line starts solid then breaks up I reckon zeepony is right and it was power on too early.

The slo-mo on the highside shows exactly why it happened…he was off line and yanked (excuse the pun) the inside bar…oops…counter-steer fail I think!

That CBR clip…At 0:19 an S1000RR would have saved his ass, that should be his next bike as he’s lacking in throttle control :smiley:

Tobe mate what are you on about…Zoom in…(and pan to left or right)…Now STFU :smiley:

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