Lucky escape on a sctootah...

A lucky escaeieep indeed

Seen it doing the rounds a few times already but check out the youtube video beneath it of the lamp post goingthrough the bus windscreen. Thats what you call quick reactions!

I can’t help feeling trying to cross in front of a moving truck wasn’t a great idea in the first place. Very lucky woman

Indeed lucky. I unfortunately saw another similar scenario ages ago where the mopedder wasn’t so lucky…eugh

Agreed. Natural selection went wrong there !

I’m quite impressed with the utter stupidity of Asian scooterists, Russian drivers and people involved in wars in the Middle East… there are soooooo many videos available of people behaving as though common sense was a luxury they could only dream of…

How come so many inbred retards are allowed to breed and get drivers licences or get handed a guna nd get taught how to use it?

WTF is wrong with people these days… ?

Where has this epidemic of stupid come from… ?