Lowering an SV650

Me again! :slight_smile:

This time I’m after some advice on lowering an SV650… where to get it done and roughly how much?

Thanks :smiley:

How low do you want to go?How far are you willing to travel?

From a fellow vertically challenged rider…

Fi International do a a lowering kit for the SV which will drop it by 25mm costs £100. Any mechanic should be able to fit it, so it would be down to their labour charge.

Link to the kit here


this may be what you needLOWERING KIT SUZUKI SV 650 03-08 -25mm LINKS LINKAGE

ive fitted the jack up version to my trackbike takes about 35/40 mins to fitif this is what you wan and need it fitted and cant find no one give us a shout