its painful, but in the slowmo you can see the tread on the rear wheel stop moving for just an instant…:pinch:

Bloody americans! :smiley:

Out of the two, I prefer back to front brake in the middle of a turn…but not in a sudden and maximal fashion!

judging by the condition of the barrier he aint the first 1 to come off there too, lol

there is few from Mulholland, dream road :slight_smile:



GSXR 750

Honda F4





haw to do it properly on The Snake;

Scooter twerp lost his little sandal over the edge

in the slow mo you can see the scooter guy scraping his knee on the ground!! ouch:w00t:

= zero talent, haa haa haa :stuck_out_tongue:

One wonders if the bandage on his other knee is from doing similar…

Shorts and Crocks. Ferkin’ eejit!

I’m in pain just from watching that… and here comes the laughter… :smiley:

It does surprise me that these guys are going on challenging corners, pushing their bikes in t-shirts and shorts… Have they never heard of road rash:blink:

What about the guys who hang around videoing for our amusement. and I bet always there to help. I imagine theres a tea hut and seating for the spectators.

ditto, just have to be careful and progressive. The brake lever with always be on hand too, where as trying to use the back when cranked over on a right hand bend is hard.

Don’t think that guy was too hot, I think he started looking at the barrier and ended up heading for hit so he broke