low level flypast

just had this sent from work,bet the guy needed a new pair of pants after this one!!!



they must have **** their pants i would have if i havd been there

Such a classic, I’d love to have been there at the time, I love Spitfires! Best of British!!

Damn, second one is new to me!! What a wimp to duck in advance, hahaha… Was that a Tornado? Another great British plane!

Fantastic, that Spit is great. Harrier is a new one on me to. Love the wake vortex hitting the dirt!!!

that 1st one how did the camera man stay still and not move if that had been me I would have been running as soon as I saw it coming…

“you wanna be scared Chad, he’s just gone down”


fantastic clips…

“you wanna be scared Chad, he’s just gone down”

couldnt stop laughing at that to


a head on view like that would be very easy to doctor in Premiere or After effects…

still cool though

loved the ones of the lancaster up the right hand side, they sound AWESOME

and this one is just UNBELIEVABLE

No my friend, that was a Harrier, again, another great british jet!!!