Low Bandwidth LB?

Have been getting this a lot lately, just about beginning to annoy me. Is the server have a brain fart or is it just a latency issue to the US. (Corporate network access).


Hrm, I’ll have to think about that fella, I’ve not seen it or can think of what’s happening.

When it happens again, can you press CTRL and F5 at the same time and see if that cures it? It could be an odd browser caching issue.

The site is run out of the UK btw, no the us.

Hi Jay,

CTRL-F5 no effect, happens in FireFox & IE. Seems to be happening in PM area only.

I appear to be browsing from the US, because that is were the corporate internet access is.


Do you get the same problem at home?

Nope, all is well at home.

Never mind Kevsta, I would run the error past your Senior System Engineer for Europe, Middle East, Asia, & The rest of the world and see if he can get someone in the US to give a shite…:stuck_out_tongue:

(private joke as it used to be my old job, but I moved on and got a life…) :hehe:

Hopefully it will be be better soon.

Kevsta, send me the source code for the page when you see this again please. You can do this via the View menu if you’re unfamiliar.

What with the cheap Laos system engineer in charge, the only thing likely to change is the coffee filter!

Hopefully I will be getting a life too, watch this space…

coming down for a drink on the 3rd?

Hi Jay, now have the file but can’t send it due to the problem. Will pass it on tonight when I get home.



my first guess would be that the stylesheets are not loading.

so how about a real low bandwidth/print version of the forums? I think it would come in quite handy for those of us which use low bandwidth devices ie mobile phones etc

yeah, and LB mobile to use with 320x240 smartphone screens please :w00t:

buy any chance his name is not Keith Dunning is it?

Yep, would be great, LB is about the heaviest forum I’ve used.

A new forum is definitely on the cards. Whether it’s an upgrade on what we have, or a total replacement hasn’t been decided yet. There’s a huge challenge to moving to a new forum, but if it has to be done to keep this baby up to date, then we’ll do it.

Psst, iPhone loads the forum/site just great!

looks like i’ll need to get an iphone next then

It sure does.