Lovely morning for it

Anyone out today?


Yep, just getting kitted up to get out before it becomes Death Valley out there .

Got back at just gone 10, bed bathed the bike, scraped off all the wildlife from the bike gear and it was TOO HOT even by then. But it was gorgeous early doors in just the mesh jacket .

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OMG, total jizz machine.
Are those OEM colours, or aftermarket? It looks fantastic.

I seriously miss my 2013 RSV4 APRC. Best sounding bike ever.

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Yes mate. Totally stock, I have it now 18 months and love it.

Nice. Got any trackdays planned? We’re doing Brands Hatch GP on Thursday.

Nothing planned, but would like to squeeze one in before the end of the year.

I’ve been out all week 2,500+ smiles


Cool. We would like to do a day at Silverstone GP after Brands Hatch. Will post up about it when planning.

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