Love will tear us apart BBC version

class ! always loved joy division

Yeah - genius band - I particularly like this version of LWTUA taken from a Peel session - I think the drums sound particulalry good on this for some reason.

Iconic song.

Wasn’t into them as a 9 year old though :wink:

Brilliant! Joy Division and New Order are big faves of mine :cool:

Can’t beleive Ian Curtis left us at 23. :frowning:

and 31 years ago ! that’s hard to believe as well isn’t it, think i’m about to have a joy division sesh, need to hear she’s lost control now ! :slight_smile:

Yeah - strange how the music from this era still sounds as fresh and relevant as ever and doesn’t seem to date - I mean - imagine being around in 1980 and playing popular music from 30 years previously - you’d be talking about 1950 - now that would have sounded massively dated! :w00t:

Nice early live TV appearance by JD doing ‘Control’

it doesn’t get a lot better than that does it :slight_smile:

Yeah - absolutely - Curtis is totally mesmeric - like a man possessed.
It must have been amazing to have seen them live.

i have a few mates who saw them live,they are always going on about it lol, i was a couple of years too young, didn’t go to my first gig til '81, which was the birthday party supporting bauhaus at the lyceum, birthday party blew them off stage :smiley:

Excellent! :cool:

Missed Joy Division but saw New Order, just a few times!
have several Vikings badges :slight_smile:

And get to see this lot quite often…

Never get bored of this song. And the millions of cover versions that made me start this thread :

The Nouvelle Vague version makes me feel very summery :cool:

Talking of cover versions of this, what about…

I’m beginning to get what my dad meant when I was going on about some album that was awesome and he said “I’ve already heard it”

I guess that’s a backhanded compliment to the original…