Love the Beast (Film)

although this is a film about a car but translates well into bikes as this is about a mans love about a machine!

Its a documentary Eric Bana’s first car, a 1974 Ford XB Falcon Hardtop that he has had for 25 years . Bana purchased the car at the age of fifteen for AU $1100. He actually takes part in races in it and crashes it! but does he abandon it… ??? NO! :wink:

Yep, stuffed it while racing and still decided to keep it and repair it…

I can understand how he feels about the old girl as I always become far too attached to the vehicles (2 or 4 wheels) that I own…

i downloaded this last night pang based on your recomendations…

can honestly say a cracking peice of veiwing pleasure;).

loved it…cheers mate…:).


cool! good to hear you enjoyed mate!

bought this today from the pound shop for…you guest it :slight_smile: