Love my new boots...

After riding in trainers and nearly twisting my ankle off the other day I have seen the light and shelled out for a pair of Sidi Courier boots. They aren’t as bubblegum looking as most motorcycle boots, are comfortable to walk around in and have a nice steel tip to kick cars with.

Me likes

  • Stefan

you got a good boot there, i have had mine for about 2 years, in all year commuting (except in the rain when i wear my paraboots, as the sidis arnt waterproof) and they are supoerb, on and off the bike.

only minor complaint is that the straps keep breaking, but they are cheap enough to replace

Nice boots. Im still in runners. Use meboots sometimes but there falling apart now . Gonna get a pair of oxtars but they cost €320. might see if I can get them cheaper over in engerland.

nice boot dude i have a pair , they done 3 years already all year round and still look good.

I use my vertigos for the summer now(got them in spring).

them boots will not let you down

Sidi all the way…had mine three years after buying on the spur of the moment at the Ally Pally Show !!!..Class act and have saved my tootsies a few times with cagers riding over them and not to mention a severe off !!!..the carbon fibre saved me big time !!

Blimey, I’ve got a pair in the garage that I don’t wear anymore since they hurt my girly soft feet. If you’re a size 9 and don’t mind a pair of used boots …

They are as tough as old boots

Did I really crack that one ?

@seanybiker: get the boot situation sorted mate, it took me having to put my leg up and put ice on my ankle for three days until i saw what everybody was on about with boots

if nothing else, a well-worn pair of secondhand german army sh!tkickers from your local army surplus shouldn’t cost the earth and give you at least a basic amount of protection…

@barro: had that as well – some guy nearly riding over my foot (i screamed and got him to back up a little thankfully) but i should be safer in those kinds of situations now…

…bit by bit i’m getting my proper kit together! leather is next… mmmmh leather

got the same boots they are very confortable even when off the bike!

Blimey an old thread dug up, eastlondon!

Had a pair of Sidi Offroads myself some years back and the big downside with them was that they weren’t waterproof, and the toe caps are sharp which resulted in a torn seat when my nephew borrowed them/rode pillion.

For the past couple of years have been using TCX Infinity gore-tex boots, they are excellent.

I agree…had mine for over four years now…best boots I ever bought…:smiley:

I’ve got a pair of Sidi’s! I must admit I only bought them because they’re black and pink haha but everyone seems to have given me a big thumbs up for them and as biker boots go they’re pretty sexy. Broke them in nicely this morning walking from Earlsfield to Tooting (don’t ask…)