Louis Theroux in Thailand

I’m just watching Louis Theroux in Thailand on Dave. I’ve got to say that so far it’s been nothing but stereotypical dirty old men etc… I think it’s not unfair to say that they’ve obviously picked the most pervy or desperate blokes they could find, and followed them through various dating agencies.
First up was the manager of one of these agencies, who had just split from his Thai wife and was getting married to the one he’d just met 3 days before! He was 55, she was 21!!! :w00t:
Next up is another bloke in his 50’s, with a severely snappy temper and PTSD from the Army. They sent him on a date with some young girl who didn’t speak a word of english. The resulting date made me feel uncomfortable and I wasn’t even in the same room as them!!! :ermm:
It seems more like a business deal the way these people are organising marriage. :Whistling:

bugger just missed it!!

It’s on Dave +1 now!

have you not got homework or reading to do before the classroom tomorrow.


sorry that was not for you, its for the classroom student.

I managed to do all my homework and my tax return in the last couple of days, as well as watch some movies and the complete first season of Spooks, and fix my XBox 360!!!.. :smiley:

And women say we can’t multi-task!.. :w00t:

Bugger i missed it.

Louis Theroux is an uninformed twat. Someone please inform him

Preferably with a large piece of 2 by 4. Can’t stand the bloke.

Whos Louis Theroux? what does he do? cant say ive bothered to look for anything that hes in/on/done…sounds like a candidate for BB !! :w00t:

The bloke who ran the 1st agency was very, very odd, I reckon he ended up in Thailand because he had to leave the UK in a hurry…for fiddling with kids probably.

Oh? so he is a candidate for BB !! Another programme ive not seen this time round cos getting peed off with them all…dumbass people being made to do dumbass things for money on telly !! And they are DOING them !!! bluddy idiots !!


I cannot bear his naive and child-like questioning ‘technique’, yet this appears to be why some people like him!