Loud...you bet your sweet bippy

Smashing day out. By god the Desmosedici is the loudest thing I’ve ever heard. If you were anywhere in Sussex today you’d have heard it :smiley:

Picked up a mate at the Asda Putney Hill at 9:30am and two of us down to Box Hill to await ‘flash harry’ and his new £40k toy. As usual, he runs late so after a chat with a couple of people the two of us blat down to Bury Hill texts back and forward for meeting up there instead.

He turns up at 11am, apparently there was quite a lot of interest :w00t:

Alls well and good and he shows up at Bury, and the three of us go to be naughty. Now obviously the bike got a lot of attention today but it seems even the police were awed as within the first 5 mins at the bottom of Bury Hill matey boy does a naughty three car overtake with a Police car right behind him.i was behind said police car and thought uh oh tug time, even saw them debating it but then they pulled off - result!!!

Much hoolganism ensued, and got to Madeira Drive in Brighton to find it overrun with small cars. Nice spot of fish and chips, then back up via Shoreham and Pulbrough to Crawley. Whenever I was following the Desmo, I thought my brain would shake loose, f*ck me it is ridiculously loud, but despite the huge amount of police around not a single tug for a rectification notice. Every one and town we passed was spinning their heads trying to locate the sound of armageddon bearing down on them.

Finally headed back to the smoke and at the Putney Hill lights on A3 we come up behind a chap on a 998 with Ducati leathers. He was punching the air and high fiving Hillsy - turns out he is Italian and was massively excited to see one out and about. Really nice guy in the few seconds traffic light chats we had. Last thing was coming through the tunnels and Limehouse link with matey boy gunning it between cameras, my ears and nose started bleeding…! :crying:

Anyway back and bed now with 250 miles down and a great days riding with no dramas. See you all Wednesday with said boys in tow if the weather is nice. If weather is pants then maybe next time. Got some photos on the phone but no lead to upload them, if I find a way then I will.

Hope you all had as good a day and came back safe.

Sounds a scream :smiley:

Sounds like a mad day, very envious of you!


please lord let there be sun on wednesday :smiley:

can’t wait to see/hear the machine.

Had one on order just incase i won friday’s euromillions…

i didn’t