Loud cans seem to be a safer but they are illegal

when i am riding with my loud can people know i am comming from a long distance and car driver move to give me space but unfortunately it illegal whenever i see a cop car I cruise in neutral to muffle the sound.

and the problem is?

there is no problem mate …wish they were legal as they seem to be safer to ride with


totally agree

Thats why I love my bike, it goes like a stream train and it sounds like one too!

Not to bothered that it looks a little scruffy just as long as people see me!!

IMO loud cans should be compulory but only for engines with less than 4 cylinders

Big Bangs Rool

mine sets of alarms lol

Couldnt agree more. Blue Flame rocks!

… and so does my Beowulf Warrior, I’ve put the baffle back in, still sounds MF loud to me

No pulls as yet

I’d like to know why agricultural cruisers like Harleys can get away with making a racket with their pre dark ages engine; but put a loud pipe on a sports bike and you instantly become a police target while mr Harley just chugs off into the distance in his chaps flapping in the breeze making a racket…

With the noise limit on track days being more vigoursly imposed I doubt I would fit a loud pipe to any bike that I might take on a track day.

Because so many knobber sports bike riders blast through 30 mph limit villages at warp 9, wake the dead and have a tendancy of ending up in the next hedge.

Slow down in the villages…Have fun in the nationals…Just my opinion.

“knobber sports bike riders”…glad someone else said it, but head, nail and hit spring to mind.

On the flip side how many sports exhausts actually improve things to a noticeable level. Looking thru many manufactures sites for the various systems and extra HP here or there is not going to be noticeable on a road going bike.

Dont really care about the performance gain, just sounds better.

Just glad am not a knobber sports bike rider!

I find a loudish exhaust good when filtering on the motorway, you cant really use the horn in that situation but if you keep the revs up and make yourself heard cars tend to notice you and nudge over more than normal.

I use my horn, as often as I can, offends most people but what the hell…its for telling people you are there, and its noiser than a noisy can when you need it…I dont particualrly think noisy cans work but then I have two strokes with expansion chambers and they frighten me let alone anyone near by…

and because they are old they dont get tested for noise regs at the MOT…

agree go slow through villages smile at everyone and make them think we are nice people and not evil monsters from the Planet Zarg… and just perhaps we wont keep getting all the crap from the yokels…but then again…its worth a try…

But you ARE from the Planet Zarg, darling, why are you trying to hide your true self…?

And a horn isn’t much use if IT isn’t noisy either. Riding behind significant other today, his side stand drops off and goes clattering along the road (bloody good job it bounced towards the kerb and not straight into his back wheel!) and he didn’t notice, and didn’t notice me beeping away as loud as I possibly could (which was a bit like a sparrow’s whisper so no surprise).

I could do with one of those massive air-horns, or the horn from a steam cruiser. (Actually, that’s what I was riding behind… hope he doesn’t come on this site or I’ll be for the high-jump!)

Lould Pipe rule



Can’t beat a twin with straight through pipes…I want an RSV with Akrapovics at some point