I go in the counties and country side alot and I was wondering if I put my loud race can will there be a problem with police?. I got to kent, essex etc

Essex are doing a special on loud cans and plates at the moment I’ve heard…

If the can is illeagl, then yes, you could well land up in trouble with the police.

If you make a lot of racket through towns etc then expect a tug… make sure that your can has not got “NOT FOR ROAD USE” stamped on it…

i think i will stick with my standard can and on weekends i will put the other number plates and loud can.

if your fitting anything to draw attention to yourself just accept the consequences!!

it’s no ones fault but your own if your going to draw unwanted attention!

There seems to be a definite anti-bike feel to villages, even my neighbours take a dim view of my bike but they love my car which probably makes more noise around the local roads

theres no police around Kent, thats why I live here!

What parts of Kent do you ride in?

i went to hawkhirst the other day…

like porkscratchin stated; accept the consequences when your stopped.
countryside or city, ride within the law - it will be a better ride without the worry of us behind you!.

Mr Plod and his chums do seem to be out and about a fair bit. Was down at Box today (with my son on his new bike) and Mr Plod wandered down on patrol. I tried to strike up friendly conversation but he wasn’t really in the mood, prefering to look at the five (yes, ONLY FIVE) bikes in the car park. He did mention in the brief conversation when I asked if he was with the Bikesafe lot that he’s out to nick people, not teach them, and that the most recent bloke he stopped had six contraventions. “Nick em,” he said, “then they’ll learn.”

Well they might learn to put the right sized numberplate on but that won’t keep them ANY safer on the roads out there, will it? So I didn’t quite understand his comparison. Woteva, he was just doing his job I suppose.