Lots of Shame Fastbikebits.com - looks like they are no longer in business

I ordered a few bits and bobs online from Fastbikebits 9 days ago. As you would expect a quick prompt email was sent to confirm my order, nothing unusual from a e-commerce site. Well 5 days passed an no email confirming dispatch, so understandably I ping them an email asking where are my parts and when can I expect delivery. I then hear nothing so tried calling them yesterday to find out what’s the deal - phone number in unavailable and the message says that the equipment is not connected :angry:

Sounds highly likely that these guys have gone under but still operating a live functioning site collecting cash from people!! Luckily I paid by Paypal so have started a non delivery of goods process so should get my money back in 20 days… at least it’s only £20!

I work in the digital industry and am normally pretty careful, yet this is the second time in 2 weeks I’ve got stung. Previous one was when a travel company went bust 4 days after taking my payment for a hotel!! Be careful when ordering online, I’d suggest using either Paypal or a credit card as you at least stand a good chance of getting your cash back eventually. A Visa Debit card also offers protection under a little know scheme called Visa Chargeback (found out when trying to get my hotel money back) you just need to be very persistant with the bank as they seem to not know about it!