my girlfriend just gave me the link to more pics of the bcw weekend


i even found a pic of flatout

I cant see no picture you penis!!! but i found a pic of those Fit twins you said you was trying to pull before dinner, i think i remember you saying they were the best lookin birds you had ever seen and you would love to have an hour alone with them in yout tent…

can you see pic now



All i can see is your bird mate think she needs a shave…

yeah but att least i got a bird what have you got your right hand

Ginge im 29 and i have more ****s than you who up to one week ago had been wanking pretty much every day up from the age of 13, just becuase you lost your VIRGINITY a week ago does not make you an expert… so im geussing no more than 14 shags up till now so the blisters on your hand must just starting to be dissapear, lets hope you dont ride her like you do you bike otherwise you will get half way to your goal and your helmet will fall off

flatout you crack me up

yeah but at least i dont draw over my helmet just to get attention

no your right you dont, you just act like one

what the **** was that supposed to mean


ginger…i found another pic of you and your girlfriend…

look in the background



and heres one for Ross…



oohhhh…it was great



the 3 kings !!





Hi guys and gals…just wanted to say ‘thanx’ for all you did on the weekend.

Ya coulda kept the noise down at night though…some of us less blessed lasses need our beauty sleep!!!

The best part of the weekend for me was when I heard your engines as you came to our rescue at grab and go C on the sunday!!! I do love a big engine… Loved the gsxr!!!

Hope you are all well.


bless your blisters sweetheart…it was amazing

Some awesome pictures there Ginger…Shows the real spirit of the event.

I can see already that there will be a lot more LB’ers wanting to support the event…I reckon ya gonna get mega support and londonbikers.com will blow the organisers away with the turnout.

Well done to all who played a part in this years event & Good luck Ginger with your new relationship.

He he! I’d say 3 wise monkeys… Just call me See No Evil…