Lots of cagers moving then indicating

Then looking in the mirror to see if they’ve cut anyone up, then swerving back into the lane they were swapping from when they see me.

Happened four times this morning.

They look in the mirror?

I’ve never understood why anyone would indicate after turning - people who don’t indicate make more sense to me, just lazy or ignorant.

Indicators seem to be an optional accessory now and it seems to be the norm now, if they are used at all, to inidcate when you are almost level with the road you are going to turn into.

When I’m in my car, what really pisses me off is when you are in the right lane behind another car at a set of lights where you can go straight on or turn right. The car has no indiactor on at this point so you might assume it intends to go straight on. The lights turn green and then the car in front starts indicating right. AArghhhhhhhhhh

You werent the guy I saw today just passed oval tube where a van turned into the Bus Lane as a car was turning right were you? :slight_smile:

They stick a finger out, from the hand holding the wheel, and it hits the indicator as they turn. That how.

I think it works like this:- “I always go down here, why should I indicate, I know where I’m going.” AAARGH!!

Had another one this morning, fat suit wearing bloke in a Black BMW, I know this as I was almost in the car with him he was that close.

Got in front of him after sounding the horn, gave him the [email protected] sign, he then starts leaning on his horn for all he’s worth, this cracked me up, I start laughing shrugging my shoulders, this enrages him more.

I leave him there stuck in traffic as I filter off up Pentonville Road.:laugh: