Lost the key to my DRZ 400

Like a wally, I’ve somehow managed to lose the key for my Suzuki DR-Z 400S. I only got one when I bought it. eBay second-hand parts weren’t very forthcoming (it is a 22 year old bike now), so have had to go for a new item.

Have gone for a full lock-set, so at least now the fuel cap will be lockable, and I’ll have a helmet strap lock, which oddly it doesn’t have at the moment. £192 for the lock-set and a couple of additional bolts I was missing. Ouch! Still, super thankful nearly all parts are still available for such an old bike. Always liked that you could order spares from diagram sites like these with Suzuki.

Thanks god for parts websites:


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Tip. Have a look beforehand at the bolts that hold on the lock bracket. Are they single use?



It would have been cheaper to wave down some scrotes, I’m sure they would have got it going no problem.

They are still sold new in the USA and Australia, so all the parts are available, just cost a bomb

Had to do this ages ago, was a pig and bloody expensive. Turns out the new keys could weirdly start the bike but not open the fuel cap or helmet lock. Drill to the fuel cap sorted that out so I could fit the new one.

Were they original Suzuki parts?

No, got a full lock set used. The fact that the new key would start the bike with the original barrel was just weird. That helmet lock is the most pointless thing ever.

What did you do about the steering lock?

Heh. I left the steering lock for now. I wouldn’t leave the bike out in public so it’s not so important for now. I might replace it in the future.