Lost Subject, Sorry

Girlfriend just texted me. Freston Road, just by Latimer Road

Four blokes trying to bash through the lock with a hammer. (2 on scooter, 2 on a Triumph Street Triple)

Let’s hope they crash against a wall when leaving the scene

Seems they were unsuccesful. They cleared off when they saw the girls taking pictures.

Hope she called the Feds

Four scrotes for one bike though is quite scary.

They usually go 2 per bike, one rides the scooter and pushes the other one along on the stolen bike looking like they are riding together when in fact the stolen one isn’t even running

They could possibly have had another one in sight so were doing 2 at once

Hope she called the Feds Marmablade
I guess we're the 51st state now.

What colour was the street triple ? Might have been mine as it got stolen about a year ago. 09 grey model street triple r… 

Hi, Street Triple was black with the earlier round headlights

Hate to dampen your hopes but I’d imagine after a year it’s either in another country or in parts all over eBay