Lost my wallet

I’ve just spent the last two hours hunting for my wallet, then deciding it really is lost and calling around canceling and reordering cards. :angry:

Grrrr… had £30+ in my wallet and my gym charges £25 for a new card. So that’s c. £55, plus the cost of a new wallet itself (may look at that as an upside as I fancied a new one) plus the cost of my time… arse biscuits.

Going to ask the gym staff if I can bake them a cake instead of paying for a new card. :smiley:

I lost mine on the North circ a year or so ago, I went all the back home then all the way round again to see if i could see it before admiting it was lost!!

Which gym is that? David Lloyd?

My Gym card is a little data tag so they charge for replacements. It’s probably covered by your house insurance.

Esporta. Bloody lovely gym but you do pay for it.

I almost decided to go back to Tesco but if I lost it outside it would have been at around 4pm yesterday so not a chance of it still being there. :frowning:

Ah, and yes, I forgot to sort out my house insurance last week. Got the quotes all sorted but got muddled by the extras and forgot to go back and sort it out. :frowning:

I lost my gym card and I knew they charged for a new card so I just said I hadnt lost it but it was overseas so couldnt produce it. After a couple weeks and being really nice to the girl at the reception I got a new one for free. Defintely try and blagg it!

yesterday lost just over £100 in cash, my wallet containing credit cards/bank cards/oyster card etc and my iphone!
was definately karma though as the night before I had a tad too much to drink and made a bit of a mess for some poor worker to clean :frowning: guess i deserve losing it all.

when i lost mine it cost me £65
£20 for my licence
£15 for the module 1 i was meant to have the next day
£10 for NUS card
£10 cash
£10 oyster card
and a new wallet, still need to get one:P

Which probably has a cost of 10p.

Well, there is some good news. I sometimes leave my gym card in the zipper pocket of my gym bag… just checked and low and behold, there it is! That’s £25 saved. :smiley:

Shame no sign of my wallet purse.

Not once it’s coated in 20p’s worth of TechnoGym plastic and rubber :smiley: