Lost my bike in the fog yesterday!!!!

No kiddin! Parked up at Scratchwood services ( ok London Gateway if you insist ) on the M1 and it took me 10 minutes to find me Trumph it was that thick…

…I may well take a break now for a few days… sod this weather,

Isn`t there a bike parking area near the front door, like on most service areas, or are you that old you just forgot where you left it.

No bike parking bays there… i always park on the pathway leading up to the main enterance.

There were some teenagers mucking about by the green area outside the door - I couldn’t be arsed with having them poking me bike around so I parked her next to a AA van who was drinking his tea and having his sandwich… course he left and I forgot which bit I put her in… okay it only took a minute - not 10 … I exagerated…

I’ve told you a million times, don’t exaggerate!