Lost London Pics

Interesting pics of how London used to look, I must say that even though there was a lot of poverty back then and life was hard I much prefer how it looked then, so much more character, I mean look at the Borough High Street pic, it’s just a boring old office block now, looked so much more intersting in 1903.


Very interesting, I love looking back at old photo’s and comparing.

Great pics, i can remeber playing with my mates on the scaffolding when they were building tower bridge, brings back memories that does:D

Not looking bad for someone who was around in 1893 :D:D:D:D:D:D bit grey mind :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree… much more character back then. :slight_smile:

great find, what a change,what a shame too

You can blame the Luftwaffe for a lot of the destruction. Parts of London still contained bomb sites well into the 60’s.

I particularly like these photos of seventies London - they remind me of how London - particularly the people and cars looked when I was a kid.

Lot’s of moments - gone forever, like tears in the rain . . . :wink:

http://www.flickr.com/groups/[email protected]/

Great photo’s, well spotted. Many thanks


Good find Tiggi:) The exhibition at Kenwood House looks worth a visit mmmmmmmm…

I can waste hours looking at old pictures, two good sites are



Lot less bland in the old days with shops and not boring flat fronted buildings.

A lot less traffic now tho!:stuck_out_tongue:

Thats what I thought, Oxford Circus looks a lot busier then than the now picture, they must have taken the pics very early on a weekend or something!!

do you mean London or Rob?

Interesting one of Tower Bridge. I read somewhere there was a big debate at the time about whether they should leave it as it was, like a big Meccano set so you could see all the girders and workings because it was one of the engineering wonders of the age, or stone-clad it to match the Medieval look of the Tower. In the end of course they compromised and did neither so the Victorian-Gothic design is more like the Houses of Parliament than the old Tower.

get aload of thease!!!



Thanks for posting Tiggi. We went to the exhibition of photos at Kenwood House today - a small exhibition but quite interesting and set in beautiful surrounidngs.

Worth going just to see Kenwood anyway, the exhib is on til 5 April. :slight_smile:

really good find!!! kinda makes me want to buy the book :stuck_out_tongue: