lost keys, Streatham Vale

Do you live in Streatham Vale?

Have you lost your bike keys?

Are you sure, go and check now.

I found a set of keys about half an hour ago and I found the bike they belong to. Don’t really want to put any more detail up than that for obvious reasons. I’ve put a note on the bike but if you’re a LBer, drop me a PM telling me what the bike is and what your keyring etc looks like and I’ll come drop them round for you :slight_smile:

Alternatively, if anyone is looking for a bike I have a bargain available for quick sale… :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s a sports tourer I may be interested :smiley:

No news from the owner yet, do you think I can take them round the local police station (if such things still exist) - presumably the cops can look the registration up on the dvla computer and get the keys back to him?

is the bike still there? if it is just go put a nother note on it make him show u the loggie befor you hand the keys over aswell

I’d take them to the police station. Chances are he can’t find the keys, is panicing at home, and won’t think to go and look at the bike for a note!

Alternatively you could try calling up the DVLA, explain the situation, and check if they have a phone number or email address on record (sometimes they do if filled in, e.g. for a reminder to update photocard license), if so get them to get in touch with the guy and give him your number.

If I lost my keys and couldn’t find them, I’d probably run to the bike to make sure I’d not left them in the ignition. I thought maybe he’s just not used the bike over the weekend and won’t notice the missing keys until monday morning.
I’ll take a ride back down and make sure the note is still there and then maybe onto the police station.

I should have just nicked it, would have been much simpler

For a small fee DVLA will give registered keeper details to anyone who appears to have a legitimate need for the information. Legitimate need appears to include cowboy parking enforcement companies, but not individuals that are seeking to return a person’s possessions (unless the vehicle is abandoned on your property).

I would give the keys to the Police and tell them where the vehicle is. That might just mean hey will impound it and start charging fees though!

Yeah, I looked at the DVLA website and saw that giving someone their keys back is apparently not a legitimate need.

Just called 101 and gave the police my details so they can get in touch with the owner and let him/her know the keys are safe. I don’t want them getting up for work and finding themselves stuck