lost keys ...any ideas??

Hi all

Well cant believe my luck, I posted my R6 up for sale and have now lost the only key I had! so she is stuck in the back of my garage.

Does anyone know if I get get one cut from the frame number, or if there is a number on the ignition barrel?

any helpful ideas or suggestions would be great(other than 'should have got a spare cut ')

cheers for your help

sorry mate but i think its fooked …IE you ned to get a new lock set …

I had the same happen to me on my SV , lol and then on my Ducati

you lost all three?

Get on EBAY hopefully you will pick up a complete lock set and tank lock 3 keys for around £100 if your lucky.

Dont think they copy without the red master key at yamaha’s.

Otherwise as stewboy says your FOOKED!!!


I’ve had keys cut at a dealers before. You need the key number and NORMALLY you can get a new one cut. If the dealer is doing their job properly they will ask for I.D and proof of ownership. Do you know the key number?

Chaps ,thanks for all your suggestions but Im glad to say I have found the key!!
A sound lesson has been learned here, If you only have one key with your bike go and get another cut ASAP.Im off to get another cut this morning.
without it, as it has been said’You are foooked’

once again cheers for all your help


My bike came with one key that thankfully I never lost until right after i had a spare cut. So there’s a lot to be said for jsy looking after your keys & being methodical about where you put them.


if it is anything like a car you can get the keys from the frame numbers. and you were only telling me the other day how unlucky you have been with this bike…

yeah, Lucky is my middle name! still got another key cut and someone called and sounds keen on the R6!