Lorry crashed into house A12 Ilford

Didn’t bother posting this up Tuesday but anyone saw the lorry that crashed into the houses on the A12 between Gants Hill and Redbridge Roundabout? I knew they hand dangerous bikers there but lorries too??? DAAAMN!!!



Stuff like this is a reason I avoid houses directly on street corners, but appears you’re not even safe on a straight road…

the driver had a heart attack, lost control hit a bmw then went through the central res.straight into the house.

unsure on the.condition of the.driver

Unfortunate accident, hope driver makes a recovery and no-one in the house got hurt! i’m sure i saw the accident get tweeted by police on tuesday :ermm:

the story & more pics here

its litrally 2 mins from where i work

Odd that it says nothing about a heart attack but only that the driver was treated for a hand injury…

thats what i heard? could be load of ****? but then daily mails full of **** too :laugh: my local rag says heart attack, i will ask traffic what happened next time they pop in.

lol wtf

I saw that on the way home Tuesday, Police and Ambo’s all over the scene…

How the hell does that even happen???

No idea cause the lorry was span around… like it was coming down the wrong way. Unless someone hit him from behind… braked hard in the rain and slipped? I saw a car that went up this bollard by the traffic light and thought WTF… how does someone even do that?

This is what the house looked like afterwards:

Just read the article… so it went across the grass from the oposite lanes… what the hell was he doing so close to the parked cars and how fast was he going? I bet it is one of those lorry drivers that think they drive a Ford Cosworth… weaving in and out of traffic undertaking and overtaking, doing fast lane changes with 40tonnes

the lorry hit a BMW, as it did it veered off across and through the barrier.

andrei what you on about parked cars?

jeez anyone would think your a copper, you worry way way too much about what others are doing or how they behave.

its like chinese whispers, someone at scene says “he may have had a heart attack” local rag prints it etc etc
turns out he only hurt his hand, probably with his mobile phone in it…

so thats y i had to take the A13 home. jeez

I wanna know what BMW did that to a Lorry… my next car.