Loomies closing down

Don’t know if its been posted before but friend told me Loomies is closing down


"At the end of August our contract on the lease of the building we rent, ran out … As there has been changes to the new lease we have decided not to renew ! The robbery we had a few months ago helped with our decision to close for good … As we are loomies … Loomies will be closed for good on the 26th oct 2014… We would like to Thank you all for the 7 years and for making it so great . We have loved it . What an amazing life experience it has been , we have met and gained great friends we have also met some strange people lol .I will miss you all … Poor Leon it’s only going to be him I shout at now .

not heard of that place before. always a shame.

so very sad, i have their feed from facebook and was really shocked to hear the news.

lets hope it gets loaned as another cafe. :frowning:

I understand the Oakdene is for sale …

It is sad to hear about a biker place going under… I think I had only been there a couple of times, never really for anything more than a quick stop…

I’m also just going to leave this here: http://londonbikers.com/forums/1015169/shame-loomies?PageIndex=1 :Whistling:

the site has a lot of potential as a bike cafe but Loomies is a dump as is.

…in my opinion!

Being “a bit ****” is one of the major requirements of a ‘biker cafe’, though.

if next door there was a better bike cafe, i would go there instead! it can be a bit ****, fine - but thats not really what im on about. I think they could of done an awful lot more with it…but hopefully the new people running it will :slight_smile:

Can’t remember ever visiting Loomies although there might be a reason for that :ermm:

Alternative, recommended and welcoming nose bags in the area include

The Departure Lounge - 11 miles north of A32/A272 junction on the A339 just out of Alton.

Mick’s Burger Van - 18 miles south of the A32/A272 junction on the B2177 (Portsdown Hill Road) just north of Portsmouth.

If you enjoy a cuppa tea with your twisties starting out from the Ace Cafe, escape London by the A413 then via H Cafe, The Departure Lounge, past the A32/A272 junction, B2150 through Denmead and onto Mick’s. Returning to London via Midhurst and the A286 or Petworth and the A283, with the option of a last minute cuppa dot com at Rykas on the A24 at Box Hill

Well thats most of my rideout route covered for the 21st!

wow box hill is better than loomies…now i’ve heard everything! :laugh:

loomies does amazing cakes and its a popular place to hang after you’ve done with the 272. box hill does the shittiest food i’ve ever tasted, even worse than the ace and the staff is rude to say the least.

yes there are other places as you guys mentioned they are miles away so that sorts of defy the argument. its like saying go to the ace instead of box hill, its just 23miles down the road :laugh:

Looks around, as amazing as cakes are you know perfectly well I prefer something a little more cheeseburger :wink:

I’ve only ever drank coffee at Box, wet and warm and on par with the coffee at the Ace. They’d both struggle to achieve nil point, unlike the coffee served at The Cafe Racer. Still can’t remember visiting Loomies unless you took me and David there one time, do they do cheeseburger :ermm:

they do full breakfast and burgers, as well as the cakes :smiley:

well i will be popping down really soon to get my last piece of rum or guinness cake, most likely this sunday.

I’d planned to stop in for a last farewell on the 21st- Never went there often but their location is great!

I’d say you must of gone past it on a Jets ride, but it’s probably too near to Box Hill for being a stop for one of their rides.

Hopefully I’ll get some wheels sorted out in time for a Loomies last supper ride out.

Can’t remember passing it, we tend to keep west of the M3 or east of the A3. I don’t think the A32 is on Mr J’s radar.

Hopefully new owners etc buy better coffee and fayre !
place has potential for its location but by Christ they lacked so much … even the staff at Jacks at Towcesterwere ecstatic in comparison .

and my opinion

+1 for the Departure Lounge, well worth the ride past Loomies up Alton, In my opinion. :smiley:

The only time I have been near it with the Jetstreams is when I lead a ride through the A3 tunnel just after it opened on the way to Fort Nelson and Goodwood. We went past but didn’t stop!