Looks Like We're Not The Only Victims Of Bike Theft!!!!

Check this out!!! Shakey Burns has had both of his race bikes stolen from Croft Circuit!!!


they can borrow mine if they like…

poor guys…i hope they get em back soon…would love to go after them theives myself…could do with the 10 grand…


Insane isn’t it?! Damn it, Rizla Suzuki don’t deserve this, it’ll set them back so much. Scum of the earth involved!

My god! I want to buy those on ebay, better start searching right now! lol

That sounds almost silly, poor Shaky.

Smiled, just saw the threat about the boys in blue stopping you in Frith Street. Hope everything is OK and no court appearances.

Just been to a trackday at Silverstone and heard about this, was going to post it now too. They are worth about £150,000 EACH!!!

I heard lots of tools and a whole wheel rack full of wheels and tyres had been taken from Honda too

Apparently Croft is renowned for crime at night so watch out if you go there.

This has now really gone to far its not like you can use the bikes or bits anywhere as soon as you pull up some where you’ve had it, you can’t even sell them on unless there sent somewhere like the states or japan

This world is overload with scum

Oh and Rizla suzuki need the help of the guys at Almax to keep there replacment bikes safe