Looks like my SV is going to be a write off

As some of you will know I had an off on my new K5 naked SV just over a week ago…

Well I’ve been to see it, and the prognosis is not good The repair bill is £3k + VAT, meaning they’ll probably write it off. Contrary to my first thoughts the frame is OK, but both the upper fork legs are bent, all the nose cone/headlamp/clock assy is dead, new exhaust (£600 WTF!), new lock set, couple of clamps etc…

Here are the pics…

I thought I was prepared for this but I’m sitting here feeling really gutted. It’s just started to sink in that I’m not getting it back

Just have to wait for the official outcome, but due to the price of the spares, I seriously doubt that I’ll be riding it again.


shit that does look sorry for itself, you going to get another?


Hope the insurance sort you out, Looked mint!

OUCH poor you, poor bike.

Ouch, man…that hurts to even look at.

I hope that your insurance comes through and you get hooked up with another bike fast.

Oh, man! Good luck with the insurance mate! Hope to see you soon

Jesus Jelster, that’s rotten luck. I can’t imagine what it must be like losing a new bike like that! Glad you’re okay though. Are you claiming on fully-comp insurance then? Sounds like you could repair it yourself for nowhere near that much cash, so buy it back and take the cash?

Ouch mate feel for you.

Gutted for you. But all said and done, you’re OK and that’s what counts

AS said above, long as you are ok. Hope to see you on another bike soon Mate

That does look a tad sorry for itself. You are ok, thats the importanmt factor here.

Good luck with insurance and I hope that you get something else sorted out.