Lookout this could be you

I know its a car and yes its crap but it was free so no p*** taking please but I stopped in my usual place for Debs to run into her bank - sat in the car, engine running, eyes peeled for traffic wardens (on foot or scooter) - none came - result!! or so i thought.

Got a parking ticket through the post today - with pictures attached of me waiting in a loading bay - £40.00 fine. A hidden CCTV camera now has taken the place of traffic wardens

Beware Big Brother is watching you


you think that bad, In waltham forest they have a smart car driving round taking pics, also it parks up over the road in the mornings, taking pics of people turning right (no right turn between 7.30 and 9.30)


Samething happen to me in Palmers Green and i ony stopped for less than 5 min!!!