Looking to rent a place

Most places seem to be either too expensive/too small or female only, so thought it was worth a shot writing this up. I’d ideally go for a studio flat (though am considering renting a room). It’d be just for myself (and somewhere to park the bike, of course). Something not too far from A40, since have to commute daily to paddington. In the area of £500-800pcm.

As an example, was going to go for this, but the landlady at the last moment changed her mind on providing parking:

for 800pcm you can get a cool room in nice flat instead of tiny room with sink and fridge in it;))) http://www.spareroom.co.uk/flatshare/flatshare_detail.pl?flatshare_id=4437556&search_id=244265316&city_id=&flatshare_type=offered&search_results=%2Fflatshare%2F%3Fsearch_id%3D244265316%26mode%3Dlist%26&

Motorbike parking is a bigger issue than I expected. I just moved to one of these fancy “luxury flats” and they want me and the other biker in the block to pay £100 a month each for a car parking space!! Meanwhile, they have TWO huge secure areas for bicycles, but, of course, we are not allowed to park there…

Neddy is your place New build ?

@Wise Yep, and a real pain in the backside right now. Takes forever to get basics like internet and bills sorted out.

must be unlucky neddy, l park for free at gated “luxury flats” (as you called it) in my partners’ place :)) can always get parking permit from council and park on a street

That room doesn’t really look any bigger than the self-contained studio flat I was looking at before. In addition to that, the flat was a £100 cheaper.

I don’t really mind sharing, but I always tend to get pita flatmates that are too noisy or leave their dishes in the sink all the time, or don’t do any cleaning whatsoever.

heheeh yeah but you dont have to cook sleep and poop in one room ;)) anyway good luck! places and damn expensive in London you might want to expand to zone 3, but you have a bike so its not like you need to close to tube or buss:)

You’re saying it like it’s a bad thing. I’d call that convenient :grin:

Thanks, the distance is indeed not that big of an issue. However, I’ve been looking for a place in all 6 zones all the way to Slough, and the prices are hardly going down. But, I’ll keep looking, sooner or later I’ll stumble upon something reasonable.

It takes time Slacker but you’ll find somewhere, my only advice is to go view and put down a deposit as soon as you find something you like. Properties/rooms in London go so fast, demand is ridiculous.

What he said ^

We’ve been looking for something along the commuter routes on the West Side, just like millions of others as it turns out. We’ve found it nigh on impossible to find something that ticks all of our boxes and that we can vaguely afford. The occasional decent place that’s turned up has invariably already been let by the time we’ve been able to arrange to view it. So be prepared to try and view something you like the sound of asap.

In the end, we’ve had to compromise on pretty much everything, other than having a garage :grin:

Maybe it’d be better to rent a large garage with mains power and a water supply, then move in.

Please, please, please don’t give Tim ideas like that!