Looking to get a new motorbike

Hi Peeps ,

At this moment in time I own a Hyosung GTR 250cc Sports Version motorbike , Now i’m mainly using it for work and sometimes taking it for a ride on the weekend , ideally I need to look for a bike which aint going to demand as much of thrashing the bike to make sure everything is ok , so anyone got any idea what bike they could recommend which doesn’t demand so much power for short distance drives?


get one, you will love it!:wink:

see i told u that u cud have got one of those… :slight_smile: told u so!!! told u so!!!

but ratty is kinda biased… :stuck_out_tongue:


in black of course

i am:D…but they are great bikes…

the engine is nigh on bullet proof i’m told, its has enough go, good torque, mine was great! it done everything i asked, never had any major probs, and i rode it EVERY day.

if you get one, stick some decent tyres on it- pilots 2ct’s etc, some decent brake pads, maybe if affordable mod the suspension a bit, even leave it as standard, just adjust it to suit your size and it be fine, they can get twitchy but then all bikes can get twitchy!

do that to one tho and you will have a good bike in your hands mate, you have seen my old one on the lanes dude;)

I may have an SV650sport for sale soon…'08 model - will be freshley rebuilt after a bit of an off:)

sv’s are great bikes, that or a bandit :D…great riding position, power, reliability on both, and both reasonable on insurance

bandits are good bikes…SV’s are better:D

johnse has had both, what you think john?

SV is more fun and handles better. Bandit feels more substantial and more secure in high winds/bad weather. Riding position was more comfy on the bandit. I would buy the SV. Mine will be a bargain. 6k miles full service history. Slight scratching to the off side but Pavel’s going to polish that out. :smiley:

love you:D see SV!!!:w00t:

Er…there are some other good bikes out there.

This thread may be a tad biased?

Triumph Street Triple/Speed Triple. Sprint RS (if you like bigger bikes with more hair on the chest;) ) or a nice Honda CBR600Fi.

I’ve just bought a bandit 1998 600 naked (the bike, not me of course) and have fallen in love with it, nice noisy can on it too.It’s comfy, fairly chuckable, commutes well and looks like a proper bike. If I had money I’d like a speed triple but would want to keep the bandit.

So many nice bikes out there though.

Ducati 696 is a great bike. Plus the fact it has ‘Ducati’ written on it makes it the best choice anyway :slight_smile:

Ok it looks like this topic has been a bit bias towards the suzuki sv but it’s a nice bike , I just done a quote on a suzuki sv 650 2005 plate fully comp 750.00 , I’m gana go tomorrow have a look tomorrow at it cost 3,200 and done 7000 miles , lets see what happens, quick question why is the suzuki sv normally good on insurance??

because its not classed as a ‘sports’ bike…my bandit 1200 is cheaper to insure than my R6 was

SV’s are in low insurance group…

there are plenty of good bikes out there, bandit6, ER-6, CBR6,…

i only say SV cos i have had one…and i rate them.

also tho, i have rode with dan, he currently rides a 250 v-twin…so why not step to a 650 twin:D

This:) only £2800

Nice pic SV55 , I rang up bike shop about a sv I wanted to look at and was sold yesturday so not a good start , look getting back to my main point I only need a bike for work to be honest so again a bike that is like good for commuting and a lot of you are saying sv , so what about a bandit ? any other bikes anyone can name that are good for commuting rather then thrashing the bike everywhere?

I appreciate your comments keep them coming :smiley:

Dare I say that the Yamaha MT-03 is good for commuting…there I’ve done it. :slight_smile: