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Do you watch the Motogeo youtube channel?

I think Jamie Robinson is fun and engaging when having adventures in interesting places, less so when trying to do bike reviews.

What I like most are the films of him going off for a night or two, riding somewhere remote, finding a camping pitch in the woods/ by a river/ on a hill top, lighting a fire, cooking a burger (it’s always a burger!) and having a night under the stars.

I’m looking forward to having my own mini adventures in this vein and am looking for suggestions as to where I could camp? Somewhere remote, accessible by bike and quiet. Campsites with a pub and cabaret won’t do it.

Where would you suggest?


PS, I’m also looking forward to some maxi adventures when play resumes!

For wild camping like that, you need Scotland.


In the UK, the only place to legally wild camp is Scotland, but afaik you can get away with it elsewhere, assuming you pitch at dusk, the tent is down by dawn, and if questioned you move on.

Even in Scotland it takes planning. Whilst you can legally put a tent up in most places, it doesn’t mean the ground is suitable for it (or a variety of other issues). So you either spend half the day looking for somewhere to camp, or risk a very late, uncountable night. Though if it gets to this you could just go to a campsite.

As a caveat, I’ve only done two nights wild camping, one on the end of a footpath after we road in heavy rain at night to find the campsite wasn to actually campsite, and gave up.
The other in Scotland, lockdiwn 2 was just announced and the campsite cancelled on us, ended up putting the tent up in a car park.

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You can wild camp in dartmoor but you have to be away from roads and paths and you can’t light a fire.

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