Looking forward to new season

Hi Y’all, I thought i’d introduce myself, and get a bit more into the community - the riding one- not just come out the nuthouse, although it helps. I’m Mel, looking forward to better weather, twisty roads and of course WSB, yay. :smiley:

See you all out there. oh, and I ride a CBR600RR8, got a piccy of it on my profile, isn’t she gorgeous!

hello and welcome

Hi Mel and welcome aboard.

Hi and welcome:D

Hi and welcome

HI Mel, you’ll find them a friendly bunch honest:w00t:

Welcome to LB :cool:

welcome, where abouts you from then?

I’m from Crayford, Nr Dartford

The season started ages ago! Join our late starters rideout leaving the Ace at 10am tomorrow.:slight_smile:

Jetstream-pussy possy:D

welcome mel

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

Hello and welcome to the mad crazy world that is LB’ers.Lots of friendly people on here, plenty of nutters too :Whistling:

Sportsbikes?.. twisties?.. dont see those 2 together much :w00t::hehe:

How much of a beating am i gona get when people read this :smiley:

Hi Mel welcome to LB enjoy the ride im from NAG so not far but what ever you dont dont follow me to a lb meet as i turned up at the wrong pub in essex today!!!:w00t:

Hehe, thats the sort of thing i would do. Good luck with the next one.

Welcome to LB

Sports bikes and twisties, you need to join us on a friday night ride then. Don’t mind Asbo he rides a retard:)

hello and welcome:D

Hiya and welcome

next ones sunday why dont you come along ,?

welcome to lb