Looking forward to a new adventure in Wales

Hi all,

After having a great time with Black Desert Training in Wales [link] - and even writing up about it :slight_smile: Craig and Tamsin really looked after me through the amazing and challenging Cambodia Enduro.

To my great surprise, they invited me to help test out their brand new route they’ve cleared and opened through some Welsh forestry this weekend.

Just now I’ve just seen their photos from a couple of days ago (I’ve copied a couple below)… and this looks way beyond tracks and green lanes - awesome!

I’ll let you know how we get on, but let me know if you’re interested in a day or weekend up that way and I’m sure they’ll do a great LB weekend etc.

What’s the rough cost for a weekend?

Including bikes etc…

Would probably be more likely to be able to do it July-ish as any money beforehand goes towards the trip to the IOM TT

Hiya - sorry I missed your reply … I gather its £195 per day including bike and gear hire.

That’s in the same price leage as Golding Barn, but you’re riding the bike the whole day unlike Golding where you’re just sharing 1/3rd of the time. Way more varied and challenging too - as fun as Golding is :slight_smile:

Sounds great, but I suppose it’s not ideal for “beginners”?


I wanna go!

Lol … I’m surprised its taken you this long Claire :smiley:

They can handle everyone from complete novices to rally professionals, and I’d be amazed if you don’t enjoy the day. I’m arranging a group there for a weekend probably in July … I’m addicted :slight_smile: Thinking about 2 groups - a novice and an intermediate.

Tamsin and Craig have put up some of my photos on their Facebook page if you want to take a look

The weekend I went on was quite experimental - I think their first “big” one in these new forest tracks. Most of it was great, though some was almost too “difficult” … like getting stuck in foot thick mushy pine-needles. Still great experience, and apparently some of this mush is almost guarenteed on pro-rally sections!

Some of the things we learned … (more than I realised looking back, probably even more I’ve forgot).

Day 1 -

  • warm ups with Tamsin / follow the leader in an open quarry area. Follow the leader was doing “little stunts” like riding one handed, standing up, sticking out legs, tight turns etc Surprisingly good at getting the blood flowing.
  • Learning to slip the front-wheel. Ride slowly and use front-break till the front wheel starts to slip, then throttle through, slide, then release. Getting a feel for grip.
  • Riding on thick grass / pete … great fun, and soft landings!
  • Jumping over logs … surprisingly tricky! I started off terrible, but had the bike almost wheelying and jumping by the end (not totally under control though)
  • Riding in woodland, muddy rutts, choosing your path, mushy puddles … and digging out bikes!

Day 2 -

  • More warm up with Craig. This time on the fire roads in the forest and some amazing views. The “mini stunts” were getting more advanced, like riding side saddle, standing on seats, standing with no hands and all sorts of other things you really shouldn’t do on the road … but are good fun off-road in a safer environ. I learned more stunts in one morning than I ever have before.
  • Counter-balance riding on sideways inclines / keeping weight on the outside.
  • Fast turns on fire-roads / gravel tracks.
  • Progressively trickier dirt-track hill climbs through some amazing forest tracks
  • Racing starts for rallies

By the end, I’d really got the buzz and was thoroughly enjoying sliding the bike around and wheelying.

Right at the finish, Craig did some of his “goon riding”. Its got to be seen to be believed, and a shame to spoil on here, but would impress most stunt riders! I’m still lauging at the memory … and really need to get it captured on YouTube.


So we’re looking at £400 for the weekend+board… And the key question… If you break the bike, do you pay? :smiley:

Heh heh … yes £400 for the tuition and hire for a weekend.

And … no deposit on the bike! I’ve told them that they really should ask a deposit, but they are resisting so far. They are just too nice and honest. I for one would pay towards any damage I caused, and I’m sure you’d feel the same. I damaged a hand-grip in a drop on my trip, so just gave them a tip to hopefully cover it :slight_smile:

They are tough bikes though! So takes a lot for any significant damage. I was amazed what the bikes put up with in Cambo.

Do you get an EU subsidy for a Triunph Daytona 955i ?

If you can get off-road tyres on it … I’ll subsidize you myself! :smiley:

Either way … just pop over for a cuppa on one of your warm-up jaunts and I’m sure you’ll enjoy :slight_smile:

Ooh er, would a new rear PR3 suffice?:angry:

Hmmm … can you glue some Styrofoam blocks on those tyres? I’m sure that will convince me enough to buy you 5 cups of tea at least :wink:

I`ll let you know, thanks for the offer of the tea

Hmmm not sure on that. offroading is difficult and tricky with obstacles not obvious to the untrained eye - it’s not like on the road. Damage can be caused because it’s a skill set you are learning, like when learning to pass the driving test. I expect when you offer up a school like that, the tuition fees go towards maintaining the bikes if they get damaged. It’s kind of part and parcel with offroading. Just like on the Golding Barn days you did not have to worry about paying for anything.

That would put me off because I would be thinking all the time, don’t drop it because I have to pay rather than enjoying myself… Maybe I need to buy my own offroader :smiley: