Looking for: Yamaha MT09

I’m looking to see if I can have any luck in finding an MT09 for sale (putting this in here, as Classified section seems to cover only items for sale).

Needs to be a 2015 model or newer (with ABS), and ideally the blue version. Budget of £6K. Akrapovicexhaust preferred.

I’ve looked on Biketrader & eBay, but none are coming up that have ABS within 120 miles of London that would fit in the budget.

Feel free to Intercom me.

Thank! :slight_smile:

I would suggest you look on mcn, gumtree, auto traders and widen your search.

Would be a good way to test drive and get use to your bike on a long journey.

Thanks H

I was actually already looking on all of those. Not to worry though, as we’ve found one at a good price with 0% finance (it’s for a friend of mine).