looking for yamaha fazer 2000-03 mirrows right and left

exact or similar to this mirrows


Im guessing You have looked on ebay , searched ‘fzs mirror’ gives 100+ results , some of them must be the ones ur looking for ?

Search for 110741214893 & 180721592563 , £10.95 each ,£5 p+p for first item, then £2 for 2nd. so , £28.90 for both

Whats up with the ones on ya bike now ? , you said something about mirrors up the Tea Hut, when u were there .

Also whats up with the ones in the link you gave, ( or ya just trying to find cheeper ? )

Looking at genuine yamaha items as the second branded ones the quatily are crap and the mirros isnt a real mirrow. ive spoken with the guy and he said that those are good quality, hope they are. bough now so ill tell you how they are like


got my set thanks