Looking for No Budget Cup Team mate(s)

Time critical: Genuine interest with immediate funds only please. I’m looking for a team mate(s) in the new 5 round mini endurance series No Budget Cup which starts at Lydden on 17th April 2010.

Please check out the details, costs and track time.

www . nobudgetcup . co . uk - copy and paste please can’t drop a web address on first post :smiley:

I have a well sorted ex-Superclub 1999 R1 capable of quick times. I’m big boned and too heavy to run a 600 bike competitively. So … experienced litre bike riders only please. You can either buy a half/third share in the bike or just put money in the pot.

Drop me a PM if your interested. Casting out all over for someone so be quick.

This is borderline spam!!!
I am sorry. Do we know you?

Hope you find some team mates - won’t be me I’m afraid, but there might be some others interested. Maybe some people on here are going already?

Easy tiger, it’s a potential oppotunity for someone.

This is borderline spam!!!
I am sorry. Do we know you?


Explain why an urgent request from a biker to biker is borderline spam. Are you a moderator ???

As for knowing me, I don’t know. Cryptic question. What other names do you use inhabitating other sites. Who are you besides stalking me around the site. First day FFS.

Treat people as you’d like to be treated. Jumping all over them will get a similar response! The Americans say the longer you keep your mouth shut the smarter you look. Try that while you decide about me for sure.

Cheers Pete … I thought it was just me and I had pricked my finger with an hallucinogenic thorn. I’ve always attracted Cops for some reason now I even get the joke ones. :w00t:

Oh I get it C.I. J. Clouseau … you think I’m on here just for a team mate. Wrong! I’m an LB member now and I hope to be for a long time.

Don’t worry - he’s french :)Unfortunately not experienced and don’t have the time…but good opportunity for someone.

I can ride a 1000, but still havent recovered from my last crash at Lydden Hill and that was 23 Years ago. :smiley:

Cheers Guys lol … 23yrs ??? 2 more and they should have a gold watch for you at Lydden Dude.

We don’t like to admit to knowing you :laugh:

Good luck - think Jamesy D was looking at doing this. I am not convinced that Lydden is a good place to race, having raced there at the end of last year and a few times before. I wont post here, but if you want to know, PM me.

And have you ever done Lydden on a thou before? Its hard work!

Have to agree, very hard work, did a track day on a 900, it’s short only 1 mile, short straights and tight twistys. I ended up in the kitty litter. No damage :slight_smile:

Good luck !

Thanks for that Guys and Gals … I have raced at Lydden before on four wheels and two and I agree with all you say. Problem is that its a five round championship and I don’t think you can affford to drop a round. I think also that the organisers have tried to keep the costs down as per the whole basic idea. If it turns out to be successful then I would hope there would be more rounds in subsequent years and at bigger tracks. More teams means more funds means been able to pay for more expensive tracks, I would hope. Apparently the three year old Belguim series has 80 + teams and if oversubscribed. I have a strategy for Lydden we cure the control tyre until its super hard, inflate it with silicon window sealant and then go for the Guiness Book of records … by putting laps in doing the worlds longest rolling burnout. If we make enough smoke we should be the only ones left to cross the line after 3 hrs. :w00t: Or we may just disappear in a cloud of smoke :hehe:

Interested, but probably too scared to actually do it - who knows?
So the money side - entry fees are £1900 - I take it that is per team so would be split 2, hopefully3 ways
Tyres - at least £1300
How much to buy a share of your bike?
& how much you budgeting for service/repairs/petrol?
Where are the other 4 races? always weekends?

Hi Stu

Google the No Budget Cup 2010 and you’ll find a lot of info there.

Regarding our ‘Team’ I am looking for one or two team mates. The race is 3 hrs long with one complusory stop, fuel only … no tyre changes!

It will be fair quick (maybe) but not like a balls out sprint.

I’m quite happy to race in someones elses team and on someone elses bike.

Or … on the ex super club R1 I can provide.

3 ways buying into the race bike is 1,000 up front, 2 way 1,500. That gives a part share in the bike, a return will be made if the bike survives and is sold later. Or I buy my team mates shares.

Its 1,900 for all the five round entries plus 77 quid to register which includes a fast track ACU licence. Or race by race which is 380 per race. Team members can change. So if you can’t make one round, not a disaster. The entry fees are obviously divided two or three ways … as are all race related costs. You would buy your own personal equipment. I guess the number of team mates depends on if you feel up to 90 mins circulation Lydden, 60 mins would be enough. Then there is finding someone.

Tyre cost will be around 1110 quid for the series, 5 sets of dry’s and one set of wets. Thats 222 per round for tyres. That can be swapped around depending on whats been used or needed. Thats divided by 2 or 3.

As for other costs, 3 hrs racing will be the same as 9 x 20 min track day sessions I guess. Plus One hour qualifying 20 min each x 3. I would think around 85 quid in fuel at 25 mpg. Thats divided by 2 or 3. Oil and filter during season. If its dropped then I would guess a 3 way repair bill. Same rider 3 times, maybe third time its on him/her?

Then the rest it getting to the track. I guess you’ll need to do some number crunching. If we take a second bike we can do a track day in the morning of race day. Can’t use the race bike. Costs go up if we do.

129 quid plus 74 quid tyres and 30 quid fuel makes it cheaper than a track day … and you can’t get black flagged for racing close.

If you want to go ahead PM/Email me please

My brain hurts now :w00t:

Put that lot into an Excel spreadsheet and post it up dude, or is this available online elsewhere?


:D:D:D … Yeah that was too much Dude made my brain hurt too.

All the info is on the No Budget Cup 2010 website … calculator needed for individual circumstances.

May have found my two team mates, both LB members so if we go ahead would we be allowed to run LB stickers? :cool:


Thanks Wraith, sorry I had looked around the site more after posting & found most of that - it does sound great, but I’m probably at the level of should be doing more trackdays first. Great that you’ve found your team mates hopefully.