Looking for my grandfather's Vespa

Hi folks,
I’m new to the forum. I’m an Italian boy, I live in Venice and I joined this forum for a “mission impossible”!
I am a big fan of Vespa, I have several of them, but the one I’m looking for is special: it was of my grandfather.
I have thoroughly investigated in order to understand where it is, and yesterday I finally discovered that it had been sold, along with many others, to an English merchant who in the late '90s was carrying Vespas in the UK and sell them.
It is a Vespa VB1T of 1958 like this:

I have the chassis number and my mission impossible is to try to look for it in the UK. Maybe now belongs to someone of the forum. I do not want to get it back but just know where it is, hopefully I can make a quotation or offer an exchange with one or more of my Vespas.
Meanwhile, I would like to see how many people here have a VB1T from Italy (bought from 1997 onwards). In private, then I can provide the chassis number.
Many thanks to all!

best of luck with your search but you’ll be better off asking on a UK vespa forum really.

Oh I’m sorry, the research “Vespa+UK” gave me this forum as result…Please, do you have an idea of which are the most important UK Vespa’s forum?

Many thanks
Ciao, Diego

That is a beautiful Vespa! Have you tried looking on autotrader which is a vehicle sales website here in the UK in the off chance that it might be up for sale?

There are a few oldshool scooter lovers on here who might be able to point you in the right direction. There is a site called The Vespa Club of Britain, they have a forum, there is also www.vespa.org.uk, might also be worth posting on their forum.

Good luck with your search and if you find I reckon you should ride it from orally to the UK to go to the Ace Cafe.

Vespa club of Britain would be your best bet as I think they keep a register of classic vespa’s. :slight_smile:
or you could try Retrospective scooters 020 8888 5424

Thanks a lot guys!

I’ve just found this link DVLA Vehicle information but I don’t know if they can help me by starting from the chassis number (here in Italy it is possible) and if my reasons are “enough” to proceed with the request.
Do you have any experience about this?

Thanks again!

Might be worth contacting this lot


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