Looking for help with a photography project

My daughter is doing a documentary photography degree at Newport in South Wales and she wants to do a project about people who have lost limbs and how they manage their lives. She was hoping to be able to do some work with Help for Heroes but they are not interested in helping.

She’s found a photographer who lost his legs in Afghanistan, and I know a video sound engineer who lost an arm in a firework accident as a child. We’ve also found someone with a prosthetic ear!

Know the nature of motorcycling I was wondering if anyone knows a biker who may have lost a limb and might be prepared to be photographed?

As I say she’s in South Wales but can travel some distance if the opportunity is there, and we live in Surrey.

Also if anyone knows any servicemen, or disabled athletes who might be willing to be involved as well then that would be great.

I think she is trying to show the positive side of disability and prosthetics as well as the challenges that people face.

If you can contact me that would be great.

She has a website if you have someone who wants to see her work and wants some reassurance that she’s not trying to be sensationalist.


PM sent

My daughter is still trying to find people to help with this, if anyone has any contacts could they please let me know if you think they might be prepared to help?