Looking for good solicitor to proceed with claim


As you know I had an off, and it was down to “pothole”. So there is witnes, there is police report, some pictures.
So please if you know any good solicitors let me know.


White Dalton?

you might have checked already but also look on http://www.fixmystreet.com/ to see if pothole was reported previously

Sorry Ally, not anymore, they have to many clients and become similar as everyone else, only going for easy win. So you have to do all the work, present case as it is only win, and then they will charge you for your work and you win…

Oh wait you don’t need them in that case.

I’m disappointed after contact with them, I guess there was to many prise topics, now is time for few shame one so they may come back to senses and start working.



The people behind SMIDSY, I found them to be excellent, ask for Fergus to deal with your case rather than one of the other solicitors. I had an off and my own insurance legal bods told me it was my fault and they wouldn’t take the case, Dalgarnos insisted the other driver was to blame, third party insurers didn’t argue the case and it went 100% in my favour. Taught me to NEVER trust the legal firms that insurance companies pass you on to.

Thank you JJON, I will give it a go.

Appriciate that,

How you getting on fella after the op’s? Might be worth sending TC on here a PM for some advice as believe he is a legal eagle and has helped a few others in the past. If all else fails get Kaos on side!!!

Really? White Dalton? My experience with them was exceptional

If you wish, you are welcome to drop me a PM with a contact number and I will be more than happy to call you and have a no obligation chat with you.

I have assisted a number of members from LB in the past.

+1 for TC

Thank you for that T.C. PM will be sent asap.


Good job you can’t claim against pot holes in Nigeria :smiley:

Good for you mate :frowning: I’m not that lucky.


Just to remind you my nickname is UNLUCKY Saxon! :wink:

^^ ROTFL :slight_smile:

Anyway, Thank you TC for taking your time and explaining everything to me, I really appreciate that. Looking forward what’s happen next.

Thank you,

Same here and also have a current one on the go (not me personally but someone very close) :smiley: