Looking for garage recommendations, nr SW20

i’ve recently moved to Raynes Park, near wimbledon, and am looking for a garage to do a bit of work on my bike and also its service is due soon and as it’s a new bike i want to keep the service history stamped & kosher.
i’m new to biking and am not mechanically minded, and I wasn’t very happy with my last garage - made me feel about 1ft tall and didn’t do great work either. if i didn’t ask them to do something, they didn’t do it, whereas i need somewhere that will point out any problems and explain what needs doing (without just thinking how much £££ they can take me for).
i’m not looking for someone to blow sunshine up my a#se, just somewhere that will cut me a bit of slack and pro-actively help me out with what i need to do to keep my bike running.
places like this must exist – can any of you guys and gals recommend any? obviously i can google and yellow pages, but i’m looking for personal recommendations

TIA, moff.

Wheel Power If that’s any help… mainly a Kwak dealer but they may well help, what bike have you?

a kwak

Wheel power as suggested - http://www.wheelpower.co.uk/ , or Ducati Pro team - http://www.ducatiproteam.co.uk

i’ll second Ducati pro team, Matt and Al are sterling guys - not a hint of taking the pi$$ i’m always a bit wary of mechanics (being a woman and all)

They are really helpful and explain everything without talking down to the ‘poor little lady rider’ i’m sure you’ll find them easier than I did thou - on an industrial estate, three times up and down the same road, i got there eventually lol

Wimbledon Motorcycles Independent Honda Specialist but does other bikes and at realistic prices


Ducati Pro Team all the way. My Honda’s going in there for a 16k service next Weds. Been quoted a realistic price, unlike those quoted by dedicated bigwig Honda dealers. One consideration is whether your bike’s still under warranty or not.

Jackie and I have experience of Wheel Power in Grand Drive Raynes Park going back 19 years. They are not the cheapest but their service has always been good. Some of the staff have bene there the full time we have been using the place which is a good thing. Even though we don’t have Kwakas anymore we have used them for fitting tyres etc as they are very local to us.

thanks folks.
popped into wheelpower on saturday after my blardy mirror nearly fell off on my ride, thought i’d look them up. very friendly and helpful, in the end didn’t get them to do any work but will certainly head back there.

Thouroughly recommend Bikeaid in Chessington, small independent chap working from his own double garage, only works on japanese bikes but looks after them very well. He has a website, search for BIKEAID and his number is 02083975189. have used him many times for different bikes and trust him to treat them as I would.