Looking for Classic Kawa Mechanic in Central London

Hi Guys - i have a 1982 Kawasai Z1000J - it’s been sitting for a while - it apparently needs a look at the carbs to see if they are gummed up etc and a quick general checkover, etc. I had it going ok on Wednesday there, wasn’t particularly smooth but seemed ok - now having trouble starting it again …

Obviously i am happy to pay for your time and expertise - i am in Camberwell SE5.


Just a quick update - it started again today but not smooth running, ran a bit, cut out started again - ran a bit - cut out, then refused to start - so i don’t think it’s a huge problem - probably wouldn’t take a guy who knows about carbs, floats etc too long to sort it out!

Get a Haynes manual or search for a downloadable manual for the bike. I’ve had the carbs in my FJ1200 out/stripped/cleaned/assembled and back in the bike in some 2 hours on a sunny day. Well worth doing it yourself if you can. Just don’t touch the adjustments for the idle/pilot needles! Get a Gunson Colour Tune if you want to set each carb though. I did this on mine and it worked a charm.

you say it’s been “standing a while”. maybe the fuel has deteriated, drain the fuel and put some fresh stuff in

Colortune will only be good for the idle circuit. You need to set the carbs up by riding it and recognising what it’s doing. In any case, will only be a cleaning job required as they shouldn’t need any setting up if they haven’t been tampered with…prob just dodgy old fuel.

has it got the old slide carbs on it ?

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