Hi we are a healthcare and wellbeing company working in the Brent/Hackney areas mostly and we are looking for employees to work with us.

The post is a retrieval officer. Basically we work with people with dementia/alzheimers and we provide them with a GPS tracking device. This means they can still live in the community instead of being placed in a care home.

When they wander too far it triggers an alert and our officers go off to find them and bring them home safely. Sometimes they are upset so we take them for a cup of coffee or take them home and settle them in.

Obviously in London there are traffic problems to consider and we thought a fabulous addition to our team would be a staff member who would use a motorbike/motorcycle to reach these customers more quickly.

We wondered if any of the biker’s community were interested in working with us or if they knew someone who was looking for work and might be interested.

If you think you can help us please get in touch [email protected]

Thanks for reading.

Half of these lot, are probably in your community scheme :wink:

so after I find said old person, I can’t take them back to their home on the bike so I have to LEAVE MY BIKE WHERE I FOUND THEM REGARDLESS OF HOW DODGY AN AREA IT IS.

Count me out. the bike will be nicked inside a week, or if there’s no bike packing, it’ll be towed.

Whilst the idea is great, I think you may have not thought it through… I assume you expect member to leave their bike and take them home in other transport, as me_groovy suggested. In which case, no one will do that, leaving their bike at risk of fine, theft etc. Unless you are going to provide a bike, in which case it changes things…

If you had a plan that these people will jump on the back of the bike, I don’t see a lot of them wanting to do that and having gear that suits everyone. Also, a nervous pillion could cause an accident, and with ill-fitting gear, the consequences could be pretty bad, not something any rider would want to take the risk for.

The only option I can see is if the rider just waits and calms this person down, until someone arrives in a car?

Plus, my grandad suffered with dementia, if I pulled up as a complete stranger in full bike gear trying to help him he wouldn’t have taken it too well, I think he would’ve been scared witless

Very good point… can’t imagine my gran reacting too well to a guy dressed in full leathers jumping off a loud bike!

Sorry Patricia, whilst I admire you guys for your intent and for wanting to give people a job, I think this may not be the way forwards for this audience.

This might work if the rider was a “quick response unit” whose job it is to get there ASAP, make sure the patient is OK, and sit with them until the slower vehicles arrive. Give the rider a big friendly high-vis clearly naming the company, that along with a big smile should make anyone feel at ease :slight_smile:


So Shiloh health are selling a service to vulnerable customers described as;

“This is a service coupled with a device that has the capability to find and send help to someone if they encounter a problem when they are out performing their daily living activities,
e.g. if they become lost or confused and unaware of their situation.
It is achieved by maximum privacy through secure networks and restricted access at different levels of administration.
Therefore all information regarding the service user is kept by Shiloh, and is only available to Shiloh staff only.”

But what you really mean is;

“This is a service coupled with a device that has the capability to find and send a biker we found on a forum to you/your loved one if they encounter a problem when they are out performing their daily living activities,
e.g. if they become lost or confused and unaware of their situation.
It is achieved by maximum privacy through secure networks and restricted access at different levels of administration.
Therefore all information regarding the service user is kept by Shiloh, and is only available to Shiloh staff & a biker whose history, mental state or intentions we don’t know but will tell them your address details.”

So for a ‘finders fee’ which you will pay after three months, you expect a stranger on a bikers forum to spend X amount of time finding your vulnerable patient/customer, spend X amount of time trying to calm down your vulnerable patient/customer and reassure them that this person who has just pulled up on a loud motorbike in leather safety gear with large helmet on their head is here to help them. After a further X amount of time over a cup of tea or coffee this strange biker is to take your vulnerable patient/customer to their home and settle them in… :unsure:

I think you need to have an urgent company crisis meeting if you are selling a service to vulnerable people and then come on to a bikers forum looking for a ‘retrieval officer’ to find & retrieve your vulnerable customers? :crazy:

Have you advised your industry watchdog/regulator/Dept of Health of your latest genius idea involving random bikers from a forum and telling them where your your vulnerable patients/customers live? :pinch:

Hmm… it could work to some extent… if the rider parked up
as close as possible to the GPS location of the patient then
found them, on foot, and kept them there until someone
turned up in a car to take them home.

As has been said, you wouldn’t want to do it on a your own
(decent bike) as you’ve no idea how long you’ll be leaving
it unattended.

And there are questions that need answering regarding the cost
of insuring your bike for work, plus fuel and parking costs, etc.
And most importantly what training will the rider get in order
to look after dementia suffers?

As has been said, it’ a nice idea but may well be impractical.

My Mum suffered with dementia and had a panic button, the care
company simply called me or my brother when it went off, that
meant one of us dropping tools and heading off a.s.a.p. not
knowing what we were going to find. It would have been nice to
know they were sending someone to keep her calm until we got

Slow down

Is it not the case these people are looking for an additional team member that can ride a motorcycle?

I read it as a job vacancy and assume the motorcycle would be provided, maybe with flashing greens too!

Do people run away from or get scared by Paramedics, Fire Crew or Police Officers on motorcycles. I don’t think so.

No doubt PatBee will be along shortly to clarify what’s what, assuming you lot haven’t scared him/her off with your bike leathers and loud exhausts.

Or, settle them down, call up a cab and follow them back to wherever :wink:

Hmm, I think the finders fee is being offered to someone on LB
who knows someone (not on LB) suitable for the job, e.g. if you
found someone who passed all the job interviews, got the job
and they do it for three months then you get the finders fee.

Why not go to a healthcare recruitment agency to recruit a trained and vetted healthcare worker then send them to do a CBT then for further riding training, buy them full safety gear, buy a 125 scooter, cover it in company logo and voila…! :rolleyes:

Is the UK in a state of full employment that recruitment agencies databases are empty? :w00t:

I’m sure they have been to recruitment agencies and they are checking
out London Bikers as well, I can’t see anything wrong with that.
You never know there might be someone on here that is capable and
has the right attitude to do caring work :smiley:

As usual, LB has gone all aggressive at dismissing an idea… :smiley:

I too thought they were looking for a new employee that would, therefore, be vetted and offered relevant training in dealing with vulnerable individuals. Also that the finders’ fee would be to LB, rather than the rider - a bit like a recruitment fee you would pay to recruitment agencies.

Anyhoo, let’s wait for Pat to clarify how this will work. I like the idea of patients with dementia living in the community and having these services available are very valuable. The breaking point for putting my nan into care was when she wandered around the streets in an unfit condition. Broke my heart when she was placed in care and she deteriorated rapidly thanks to the rotten home that lied through their teeth to us (it was in greece).

it’s a job advert you moronic troll, not a general invite for any biker to chase elderly and fragile people around.

merely an expression of interest in an idea.

the right person on the right bike in the right gear with the right approach could make this work, it needs further attention clearly. I suggest you don’t apply though, you’re a bit too antagonistic

Hello all and thanks for all of the messages.

We would not expect someone on a huge bike to roll up to our customers, we are wanting to provide a company bike so no worries about being towed or fined or whatever. I did not put the full job spec on I was merely looking for anyone looking for work who was used to riding.

Anyone intersted will be our employee, subject to our interview processes and DBS checks, we won’t just take any random biker.

It was suggested to us that some of your forum members could be looking for work and we could post something here.

We want someone who is happy to work with these customers.

And no, we don’t want our aged customers pillion passengers on your bike, the arrangement would be that if suitable, the bike is parked while you take our customer home or failing that an additional officer will be making their way to you to take our customer home.

Many of these customers are being placed into residential care as their families or their spouse (often an older person and sometimes frail) cannot keep an eye on them 24/7 whereas we can. Our hope is that we can keep these customers living in their own home where they are happier, for longer.


There will be a salary paid to any applicant of course, the finder’s fee, is for you if you recommend an employee to us and they work for us for 3 months, the finder’s fee does not relate to ‘finding’ our missing customer, oh dear.

Its the inter webby PatBee, you’ll find all levels of IQ here, watch out for the shallow gene pools too :wink:

I stick by my first comment! lol

We appreciate the fact you came to a motorcycle forum, looking to offer a job to a motorcyclist. :slight_smile: