Looking for bagster tank bag

So, purchased a cheap bagster tank cover, and now looking for tank bag. If anyone has one they they would be happy to part with… Beer money available…

Or…buy a decent one and I’ll pay for it when I see you. (For housing my bike over the winter)

If I get my Driver ( http://www.baglux.co.uk/product/?cat=52&id=4204 ) bag back soon, you could have that for £70. Very good condition, plain back. PM me for further details.

That was a favour Nick … That’s what LB is about !


If no one comes up trumps - the offer stands.

Come one LBrs - this is going to cost me money now :stuck_out_tongue:

Nick, I still have your panniers over in my garage… I guess you will need them soon for you Alps trip !