Looking for another job

ok guys…

If i want too look for another job…were is the best place to go if i want to have a crack at something completely diffrent…?..

cheers all


Does your local council have a careers advice service? That would be the first place to check.

Is this something you’re thinking of doing or something you have to do speedily? Did you get to the end of your tether with that boss of your’s? :smiley: Job centre plus is online so you can search for jobs.

I would guess it depends what you are capable of doing mate… Have you got any idea as to what you fancy, do you want a job that keeps you outside or would you be comfortable in an office enviroment?

Are you looking for something closer to home or are you still happy to commute across london?

Try surfing around these for a start:


Career Engineer

Planet Recruit

Work Thing

Hot Recruit

I suppose the ultimate job is to do something you love doing and then find some mug to pay you for doing it…

thanks guys…

im working at heathrow airport and with my bike going missing and all the trouble ive had with the company im with…i need to leave…

will check them sites out!!!


and before you get any idea, ManWhore has already been taken…
I asked Shauna but she is not recruiting at the moment but that could change anytime… :slight_smile:

As mentioned above, depends on what you want to do. Trawl the sites of the companies you’d like to work for. Most have a ‘vacancy’ section.

Recruitment agencies, depending on what you are looking for I may be able to help

I’m sure I read on here yesterday there’s a position as a porn star going vacant :smiley:

Register on Monster.com and complete your CV. I’ve had 3 jobs out of monster and they’ve all been slightly different to what I was doing before.

Or if you have enough capital you could re train to be a technology teacher. Your practical experience would have to be of benefit, the pay is ok and there is a lot of job security. Look at teach.gov.uk

I here McDonalds are hiring! :stuck_out_tongue:



There is a job where you can use your riding skills and meeting people skills.:smiley:

no wonder

A change in vocation is often a good thing mate, nice one!

When my K5 was stolen I stuck two fingers up at the company I worked for (where it got stolen from as well) and went on to bigger and better things!

Not wanting to negate PJ’s advice, but I don’t necessarily agree; you’re capable of anything, and you don’t always have to take a conventional route into a career. Being willing and proactive about getting skills/experience is often just as valuable as a degree.

I got into my profession by spending many hours at night learning a new craft, doing pro-bono work and then letting my enthusiasm do the rest of the talking. Incidentally they’re always crying out for more web-developers in my industry.

Is that incase they bring your bike back :)If I was you Shane, I’d think about doing something where your self employed and work on your own…cause you definatly not a team player and going by how many things p*ss you off at work and the moaning you do…they cant be that happy working with a whinging w4nker and will make it a happier place :stuck_out_tongue:

What about any of these?


Easy work and the hours and money aren’t too bad :slight_smile:

If i could cange to any job i wanted i’d be a ghost buster.

Good on you! Impression I got was that they worked the crap out of you and treated you dead poorly anyway. Seems like a change is a good idea and as someone who is very ‘fly by the seat of her pants’ and ‘follow your heart’ in her approach to life I say top man!

And yep, there are heaps of sites and agencies that will be able to get you a job, Monster is good, but I’m with Jay…who says you have to do this a certain way! Just have a think about what you want to do and then persue it wholeheartedly. Good luck sweetie xxx