Looking for advice

Im a carpenter and finding it impossible to get work at the minute, been out for a month now! not good, im also doing the Knowledge so i thought it might be worth me while to do some courier work… but heres the thing im still on L plates, so does anyone know of any firms that take on riders who dont have a license?

Cheers people.:smiley:

Any firm will take L riders. Try CDS based in Park Royal, quality firm.

oh right didnt realize most firm take on learners.
do the expect you to have your own top box and courier insurance?

from reading the threads on in this forum it seem it tough work for not alot of money, got to be better than the dole though:)


Whilst your learning, I wouldn’t say it was.

its got to be better money wise…:wink:
havent really got any other options to be honest so i think i will give it a crack

Afro (31/05/2010)

Think the key is he’s doing the Knowledge. Going to have a head start on most.