Looking for a track bike - CBR 600 RR

After doing Ron Haslam raceschool on a CBR 600 RR, I decided to use my RR yesterday at Brands. But there is a definite difference between using your own road bike and someone else’s bike with no excess! :smiley: I found it hard to push myself yesterday because I was so worried about my bike hence the need for a dedicated track bike (and not a 600F before someone comments! lol)

The newer the better but I suppose it depends on the individual bike and obviously cost. I was thinking about an 05/06 plate.
If you come across anything, please let me know

a bit older then you want and its currently a road bike but there’s a 2003 plate 600RR for sale on trackdayriders.co.uk here’s the link
whip off all the electrics not needed and the fairings and other bodywork (you could make some money from these), pop on some race fairings and that should do for a while.

Can you tell me the price and mileage on the bike please so I can decide whether I want to join another forum? :slight_smile:

£3500ovno and 13k

might hold out and see if anything come up that is either a bit cheaper or a bit newer but thanks a lot for looking. :slight_smile:
I also think I’d worry less on the bike if I knew where it came from…

true about the above so I guess one way would be to join that forum and meet some of those riders. there more track orientated then here though so that would be the place to meet.
i’ve met a fair few at all the trackday’s i’ve been to since joining that forum and found them to be very helpful and informative.