Looking For A Tail Pack

I’m looking for a tail pack to go on the bike but I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for!

I want a smallish pack which will go onto the pillion seat of my K6 GSX-R, but I want something where the base of it will stay on the bike and I can just unclip the tail pack and take it with me. I know that Oxford do bags like this but they are too big for what I’m after.

Any suggestions?

kriega us-20 tailpack


you can also get the US-10 and clip it ontop if you need to carry more

Cheers mate, I think a visit to Infinity is called for :slight_smile:

we have got some buffalo ones at rex judds so come along and try one for size.

or if there is a one of another make you want we will see if we can get it for you and you get a nice 15% discount and the clothing dept at rex judds